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Acer SB270 Bbix Review – 27 inch Budget Gaming

Acer brand has been in the market for quite some time now. In fact, Acer products have managed to receive awards most of which are in the category of design as well as innovation. As such, it is safe to say that they incorporate state of the art technology to come up with elegant yet functional products such as Acer SB270 Bbix.

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Acer SB270 Bbix Specs

Size: 27 Inch
Refresh Rate:
75 Hz
Panel Type
Connections: VGA, HDMI
Response Time: 1 ms (VRB)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync

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The Acer SB270 Bbix monitor particularly combines design, elegance, and functionality to give you just what you need. From gaming to color-critical beginners level applications and work like writing text, this monitor is excellent. The best part about this monitor is that you do not have to spend a fortune for it. It will fit right into your budget and you will love it for both its design and practicality.

You will also be happy to know that this Acer SB270 Bbix is a 27-inch widescreen at a budget. If you are one of those people who like their space tidy, then you will find this monitor very convenient. Owing to its design, you can neatly place multiple monitors alongside each other to create a unified big-screen display.

Acer SB270 Bbix has had numerous great reviews from customers online who have already had a feel of its features. Now, let us look at all the features of this spectacular piece in depth.

Acer SB270 Bbix Review in Detail

Well, we have already seen why the Acer SB270 Bbix monitor should be in your consideration list not only for gaming but also for other varied purposes.

However, you will need to know more about this specific monitor; the designs, features, performance, technologies integrated to enhance your experience as well as the ports it has. Also, you definitely need to answer a few questions that most ask. Is it worth all the hype that comes with it?  Or is it just another glorified budget monitor?

Well, you will find all your answers right below.


In this day and age, monitors are available in numerous designs to suit varied tastes and preferences as opposed to a few years back. Evidently, most people not only look for the features but also sleek designs and weight.

Almost all brands ranging from established brand like Dell to lesser known brands like Viotek offer beautiful displays.

You will be happy to learn that this light-weight Acer SB270 Bbix utilizes a stylish ultra-slim design.

This elegant design allows this monitor to fit easily in different areas besides being spectacular.  Its zero-frame design enhances full visibility of the screen to give you a definitive gaming experience.

This 27 inch Acer SB270 Bbix monitor features a stylish concentric pattern circle base that gives it an outstanding look wherever you place it.

If you are the kind that is fascinated by a multi-screen setup, then you are in luck because this particular monitor has a slim bezel width that enables you to have the set-up you desire.


Some time back, we didn’t care much about the display of the monitors we used. However, with technological advancements came high-resolution images, applications and games. This inspired the development of high-resolution devices such as the monitors.

As such, you cannot have a true gaming experience with just any conventional monitor these days. There are a certain specialized features that a monitor must possess to be considered a gaming monitor.

This display is one of the them. This 27 inch Acer SB270 Bbix monitor offers Full HD widescreen up to (1920 x 1080) resolution, which is more than we can say for other monitors within its price range.

In-plane switching screen technology (IPS) is yet another outstanding feature utilized by the Acer SB270 Bbix monitor.  With IPS panel, you get color precision as well as consistency while enjoying maximum viewing angles. In case you are wondering about the responsiveness of this monitor; you need not to worry because its response time is adequate for most users.  Essentially, with up to 75HZ refresh rate and 1ms Visual Response Boost technology (VRB) gameplay is basically blur-free.

Note that despite the fact that this has an IPS panel, it offers 1 ms response time thanks to the added VRB technology. This is as fast as TN panels.

Do you see all the annoying smearing effects caused by dramatic transitions during gaming? With the Acer SB270 Bbix, that will be a thing of the past. The refresh rate of 75 Hz reduce frame rendering time and lower response lag to convey smooth 2d motion scenes; therefore,  providing an exceptional in-game experience.

Ports/Other Features

This Acer SB270 Bbix has one HDMI port, one VGA port, and one Audio Port. HDMI and VGA ports are quite common with various brands. Nevertheless, not all come with Audio ports. This port allows you to connect external speakers whenever the need arises. You will also need to know that DVI and DP ports are not provided in this particular model. In case you find the need for either of these ports, there are adapters that facilitate their compatibility. The adapters are relatively cheap so you don’t have to worry about much additional expenses.

Acer SB270 Bbix users are also able to enjoy on edge viewing whereas gaming through glint-less and low dimming display; which is attributed to the AMD Radeon FreeSync technology. Fundamentally, this is an adaptive harmonization technology that supports a dynamic refresh rate to reduce stuttering and tearing of the frame rate.

What is AMD FreeSync

In addition to the innovative features, Acer SB270 Bbix employs AcerVision Care, which integrates a series of technologies to ease your eye strain and provide a comfortable viewing as well as second to none gaming experience. Needless say, not all monitors come with this feature, which obviously distinguishes it from most of the monitor brands in its price category.

A Conclusion To Acer SB270 Bbix Review

As you can see from the review, Acer SB270 Bbix is a good bargain and especially for its price. Previously, contrast and response time were the primary weaknesses of in-plane switching (IPS) technology. Nonetheless, IPS monitors response time has significantly advanced, resulting in increasing approval of IPS monitors for gaming.

Bottom line is that the Acer SB270 Bbix delivers ultra-wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles of up to 178 degrees; best suited for gamers on a budget. Now that you have a comprehensive review of this Acer monitor, you can make an informed decision when you head out to get one.