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Home » Reviews » AOC C4008VH8 Review – Curved 40 Inch Affordable Display

AOC C4008VH8 Review – Curved 40 Inch Affordable Display

We are going to unveil the first budget curved 40 inch monitor in this AOC C4008VH8 Review (Of course the term ‘budget’ here is relative). If you thought 32 inch monitor were large, then this will be an entirely different experience. This is basically for those who want have the size of a TV but the color and performance of a monitor.

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AOC C4008VH8 Specifications

AOC C4008VH8

Size: 40 Inch 
Refresh Rate:
75 Hz
Panel Type
Connections: 2 x HDMI, VGA, DVI, Audio Port
Response Time: 5 ms
SPEAKERS: 2 x 5 Watts
VESA: Yes (100x100mm)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync

Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

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Many people do not really know what to look for when it comes to buying a monitor. The process is somewhat daunting since so much has changed; thanks to the advancement of technology.  In the olden days, you would just head out and get a monitor from an established brand like Dell, HP or ASUS without giving much thought to certain things including, features, display and even the purpose.

Today you find that there are so many brands in the market all competing to offer the best product. For instance, AOC C4008VH8 monitor is one of the advancements from AOC brand.

This particular monitor comes with some very desirable features and is fairly priced. However, it does not fall in the under $200 category; nonetheless, it does live up to its hype. We will establish that as we go on. Also, attributed to the technological improvement, curved screen monitors were born.

This monitor does not only offer a sleek design but also has some very impressive features as we will see below. Just to give you a vivid picture of this breath-taking monitor; it is a 40 inch curved LED monitor. It is one of a kind in its category if you ask me. Well, you will determine that by yourself once you have its full review.

Are Curved Screen’s Great?

If you remember curved screens technology is not very old. Precisely, it is barely five years old. When monitors with curved screens were introduced in the market, we thought of them as products for the upper class (the rich) in the society. Well, this AOC C4008VH8 curved screen monitor has ultimately changed the narrative.

With that said, there are pros and cons to curved screen monitors.  Not only do they improve immersion and depth of your view, they also provide wider field of view as well as a better contrast ratio.

The cons include increased reflection, limited viewing angles, and they are awkward on wall mounting.

Needless to say, curved screen are very good for gaming, so if you are an avid gamer then AOC C4008VH8 curved monitor is a good option. You also need to keep in mind that curved monitors mostly allow single configuration. With that overview of this particular monitor, we can now proceed to see what makes it outstanding.

AOC C4008VH8 Review in Detail

From the overview above, you already know that with a reasonable price you can get a monitor that suits your tastes and preferences such as this AOC C4008VH8 curved LED monitor. It is best suited for you both in gaming as well as entertainment.

The best part about AOC C4008VH8 monitor is that you do not go out of your budget to acquire it. You are probably asking yourself the question; are there people who have bought this screen? I would safely say that this very monitor has received positive reviews from happy customers who have had the chance to experience its glamor.

Does it deserve all the hype? I will let you decide that.


Today, as opposed to the past years, most people if not all greatly consider the design of monitors before they can actually purchase them. For this reason, many brands ensure that they live up to your expectations. You will find numerous designs ranging from flat to curved screens, all of which offer different features.  So it is entirely up to you to choose the most appropriate for your requirements. AOC C4008VH8 curved monitor happens to offer remarkable features as well as practicality for its category.

You will be impressed to learn that AOC C4008VH8 is a 40-inch class curved LED monitor. It also features silver slim bezels giving it a beautiful look. This monitor will blend in with any ambiance; therefore, you do not have to worry about the appearance it creates. It also has a stand that covers a wide base area to provide extra support.

It is also very important to note that owing to AOC C4008VH8 curved design, multi-monitor display set- up might not be suitable for those with smaller desks. So if you are looking for such a set-up it would be advisable to go for the flat screen monitor, which is best applicable for multiple monitor setup on a smaller desk space.

We are all in agreement that the curved design looks good on your desk or work station at any given time.

AOC C4008VH8 Curved Monitor Display

Display cannot be ignored when it comes to an outstanding monitor. You do not want to work with a monitor that has a horrible display; you want to have one of a kind gaming or entertainment experience. In the market there are many monitors, all with different displays; some better than others. Again it all comes down to what you feel is suitable for you. This AOC C4008VH8 monitor does not only offer a sleek design but also features a VA panel with 1920×1080 Full HD resolution.

Did you know that vertical Alignment commonly abbreviated as (VA) panels offer the best of static contrast ratio of 3000:1 and image depth as compared to TN and IPS panels of its price category? This is not just excellent for entertainment use, but the higher contrast ratio makes this ideal for writing codes on a black screen.

It also has 5ms response time, a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1. Simply put this AOC C4008VH8 monitor is better than the ones that utilize TN or IPS panels. Why is this? It offers superior color, better viewing angles, and maximum brightness. With these features incorporated the strain on your eyes is eliminated giving you excellent gaming experience.

Also, AOC C4008VH8 monitor is equipped with a number of technologies that allows it to deliver up to 85% NTSC, which is more than just the average 72% NTSC. This enables it to offer vibrant as well as true-to-life colours. This will ultimately enhance your viewing and make every moment of it worthwhile.

Ports/Other Features

The other thing that you ought to know about AOC C4008VH8 monitor is the ports that are available. These are important for connectivity purposes, and that is why this particular model comes with VGA, DVI (2) HDMI 1.4, Audio Line In/Out. As you can see these are more than just the basic ports that are provided by other monitor brands. You will also be excited to be aware of the fact that an HDMI cable is provided so you will not have to buy another one.

The other feature that is stunning about AOC C4008VH8 monitor is that it can be mounted on the wall thanks to VESA. Therefore, you can mount it whenever you want to have a great viewing experience. This also improves the look of the whole environment while creating more space at your desk.

In addition to the outstanding features, this AOC C4008VH8 monitor comes with in-built speakers. They are just enough for office use, but in case you want to enhance your entertainment you can always use the Audio Line to connect external speakers.

A Conclusion To AOC C4008VH8 Review

With this complete review, you now have a vivid picture of this AOC C4008VH8 monitor functions. As you have seen, if you are looking for a gaming monitor then this can surely be a good choice. With features such as VA panel, this specific monitor will give you an amazing gaming experience.

This 40 inch curved AOC C4008VH8 monitor would also be suitable for home entertainment. When mounted on the wall it is not only going to be great for the setting but also provide an exceptional experience.

In a nutshell, the fad of owning a curved monitor has quickly increased even though not as much as when they were introduced. However, you can still own one at a reasonable price.