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ASUS VG279Q Review

For an FHD monitor, this 27 inch monitor is expensive, but it does have few tricks up it’s sleeve to interest you. Let us find out what separates this gaming monitor from the lot in this ASUS VG279Q Review.

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ASUS VG279Q Specifications

ASUS VG279Q Review

Size: 27
Refresh Rate:
Panel Type
Connections: HDMI, Displayport, DVI-D
Speakers: 2 x 2W
Response Time: 1 ms, MPRT
VESA: Yes (75 x 75mm)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync
Ergonomic Stand: Yes

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This ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor has been engineered to give you an exceptional gaming experience. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies such as ASUS Game Fast, FreeSync among others. All those technologies are essential for you to enjoy faced-paced games or even entertainment.

What separate this monitor from the lot is that despite boasting an IPS panel, it offers a 1 ms response time. This is truly a state of the art technology.

On top of that, this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor comes in 27-Inch, and offers a Full HD resolution of up to 1080P. Although, a 27 inch monitor offering only FHD resolution would not sit well with the gamers, if you take the overall value into consideration and the unique combination of the panel and response time that it offers, you may find it worth.

Additionally, ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor has some encouraging reviews from people who have purchased it and experienced the brilliance of the technology it incorporates.

What Separates this Monitor from the Lot?

Here is the thing, as a gamer you must be questioning, since this is a mid range gaming monitor, why doesn’t it at least have a WQHD resolution. Why does it only resort to offering a measly FHD on a 27 inch display? FHD is acceptable on 24 inch but certainly not on 27 inch for many these days. After all, you can find monitors like Dell S2719DGF that offer WQHD on a 27 inch at the same price point.

Well, ASUS VG279Q utilizes a different technology. Most of the traditional gaming monitors utilize TN panels. TN panels is an older technology. In terms of color and viewing angles, it is far less superior to the newer IPS panels. However, TN panel have had an edge on IPS panels due to their fast response time of 1 ms. A fast response time is essential for gamers.

Traditionally, IPS panels have the slowest response time and therefore, they are not the first choice among gamers. Yet due to their colors, they are loved by designers and editors.

Furthermore, since TN panels are cheaper, you can readily find high end features like high refresh rate and WQHD resolution, at a fare price with them.

ASUS VG279Q challenges this custom of having TN panels on gaming monitors by incorporating an IPS panel all the while maintaining 1 ms response time. Furthermore, you should note that it is tough to find 144Hz on an IPS panel at such a price tag, ASUS VG279Q manages that as well.

In the end, what you get is a color rich monitor that is uniform from any angle that you see it from and has all the core features that gamer would find important.

Unfortunately, while it manages to do all that, ASUS VG279Q lags behind in delivering a respectable large WQHD resolution.

However, for you to be in a position to make a decision about this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor, you need to know all there is to learn about it. Keep reading and by the end of this review, you will see if it lives up to its hype or not.

ASUS VG279Q Review In Detail

Now that we have established what separates this monitor from the rest. Let us look a bit deeper into it.

The Design

As a gamer, besides the gaming aspects, you need to consider the design of a monitor. This ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor features a great and elegant design; one that goes well with any kind of setting. Be it your living-room, bedroom and so on. It has thin black bezels that give it a charming overall look.

The other feature you will love about this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor is its ergonomic stand. During marathon games you can swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustments such that you can acquire the most comfortable position for your gameplay or even entertainment. This is a fairly rare feature for a gaming monitor to have.

For more comfort depending on your preference, you could also mount this ASUS VG279Q monitor on the wall. This is attributed to the VESA compatibility of this device. It is also ideal for a remarkable gameplay with your friends or family.

Owing to the bezel size of this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor, you can also create the desired multi-monitor set up. This kind of configuration gets you more involved in your favorite games thus giving you that extraordinary gaming feel all gamers require.

Display And Features

Display happens to be one of the most important aspects in the gaming world. This is why ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor utilizes various technologies to provide the best display for avid gamers.

As I mentioned earlier, this monitor excels in terms of color in comparison to any other gaming monitor in this price range. Why? because it is one rare gem that manages to fit an IPS panel unlike the traditional TN panels while still maintaining a fast response time of 1 ms.

ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor is 27-Inch in size, has an aspect ratio of 16:9, offers a 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and is LED-Lit. I can definitely understand if this might not be the best resolution for you at this screen size. I have the same reservations about it. Whether the IPS panel with 1 ms would absolve this monitor of this flaw is upto you to decide.

Also, as you expect, this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor provides fast 144Hz refresh rate. This enables a smooth frame transition. Any decent gaming monitor, 144Hz refresh rate is a industry standard. The difference between a 60 Hz monitor and 144Hz monitor in terms of gaming experience is phenomenal to say the least.

The ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor boasts 1ms response time – one of the hallmark features. Traditionally you had two options either go for TN panels with 1 ms and sacrifice colors or go for IPS panel and sacrifice response time. With this, you get the best of both.

Thanks to the IPS panel, you can use this monitor for not just gaming, but also for professional designing work. This panel offers color uniformity. As such, it does not matter from what position you look at the screen from, you will have clear view of the display contents with reduced color shift and distortion.

Ports And Other Features

Connectivity is paramount in gaming, which is why this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor comes with HDMI (V1.4), DisplayPort 1.2 and DVI-D (Dual-Link) ports. These ports will let you connect a wide range of devices including; gaming consoles, multimedia players, laptops and so on.

This ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor also integrates Adaptive –Sync (Freesync) technology. This technology is responsible for reducing display stutter by eliminating uneven frame rates. This ensures that you have a smoother gaming experience for fast-paced games.

ASUS Shadow Boost Technology is another aspect utilized by ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor. This assists in giving you a clear view of dark areas in the game while balancing the light in brighter areas. With this feature activated, you can spot your opponents easily and have an advantage in the game.

Also, this ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor comes with 2 x 2W stereo Speakers. Therefore, you can enjoy your viewing and gameplay clearly even without external audio devices.

ASUS VG279Q Review Conclusion

As you can see, this particular ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor has combined myriad gaming-adapted features to ensure that gaming enthusiasts have a wonderful game time.

Whether this mid range gaming monitor is for your or not is your decision. The choice here is simple: colors vs high resolution. If you like colors, go for this. If you would like to have WQHD resolution, look elsewhere.

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