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Monitor technology has advanced a great deal, which in turn makes it rather hectic when choosing the right monitor for the right job. This NEWSYNC B2775QHD review will help you make a wise choice in choosing an appropriate budget monitor.

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NEWSYNC B2775QHD Specifications


Size: 27 Inch
Refresh Rate:
60 Hz
Panel Type
Connections: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI
Speakers: No
Response Time: 5 ms
VESA: Yes (75 x 75mm)
Adaptive Sync: NO

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Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

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Yes, you read that right. This monitor is indeed economical and offers some really impressive features. The days when you had to pay extra for a sleek and a good monitor suited for your gaming, work and entertainment are in the past.

The NEWSYNC B2775QHD not only comes in 27-inch widescreen but also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you get the best experience when working, playing your favorite games or just watching that latest movie. This monitor offers clear pictures and images unlike any other monitor in its price range.

I bet that you are curious to learn more about this NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor. Well, before we proceed to look at its remarkable features, I must mention that NEWSYNC brand has earned a reputation for offering elegant and practical monitors at affordable prices giving it a competitive edge in the market.

However, this is still a lesser known brand from Korea. Therefore, naturally you will be skeptical.

To eliminate any doubts that you might still about whether have your money is as safe as it could be with’s strict all-inclusive return policy. Plus, monitors from NewSync have been selling quite well with good customer reviews. Therefore, you do not have to be troubled about a thing.

That said, we can now dive deeper into more details about the NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor.

NEWSYNC B2775QHD Review In Detail

We have already seen some of the basic aspects that make this NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor a good choice for you when you are looking to get more while spending less. When we look further into the features that this particular monitor offers, we will answer all the questions that you have, and you will be in a better position to decide if this monitor meets your requirements.

You will also realize that given its price category, it is quite a bargain for you. Why don’t we start with its design?

The Design

The design in which NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor comes is quite remarkable, to say the least. This monitor combines two colors; Grace White bezel frames and Matte Gray stand to bring out the best look in any kind of ambiance. Clearly, this monitor will not let you down when it comes to creating an appealing look in your office or even the living room.

NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor’s elliptical stand is made of solid steel and it lets you tilt the monitor such that you can have comfortable gaming, working or entertainment experience. It is also sensible to note that its stand improves its overall appearance. As such, this is one of the best-looking monitors in its price category.

In the present day, multi-monitor configuration is pretty common and especially among gamers who want to have an exceptional gaming feel. You will be happy to learn that NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor lets you easily place monitors together; attributed to its super slim bezel with Silver Bar Design.

Display And Features

We are all in agreement when we say that display is paramount when it comes to impeccable entertainment or even gaming experience at a reasonable price. NEWSYNC B2775QHD LED monitor is available in 27-inch with (2560×1440) Widescreen Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

This offers more pixels than the normal Full HD (FHD) thus the definition of videos and images is much better giving you a wonderful viewing or entertainment experience.

The NEWSYNC B2775QHD utilizes an Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching panel (AH-IPS). This panel offers wider viewing angles of 178(V) x 178(H) better than TN panels, which offer shorter viewing angles. Also, the AH-IPS panel produces bright and clear colors for you to enjoy every moment of your work or entertainment.

This NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor has 60Hz Refresh Rate and 5Ms Response Time. This refresh rate is sufficient for you to go about your work with normal applications smoothly.

Additionally, NEWSYNC B2775QHD features a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 1,000 /5,000,000: 1 and 350cd/m2 brightness. This is quite average and thus nothing phenomenal in this department. Even though the Dynamic Contrast Ratio is high, it is the static contrast ratio that really matters. Unfortunately, for both IPS and TN panel monitors, the static contrast ratio is 1000:1. Only VA panels offer a higher static contrast ratio of 3000:1.

Ports And Other Features

Connectivity is yet another aspect you need to consider when choosing a budget monitor.  This NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor offers more than just the basic ports for you. It comes with 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI, and Audio In/Out port. These ports let you connect multimedia devices, laptops as well as gaming consoles. However, you need to be certain that your laptop is compatible with HDMI or DP ports. For a budget monitor, we can confidently say that NEWSYNC B2775QHD has gone above and beyond your expectations.

In case you ever need to mount your NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor you can do just that without any problems since it comes with VESA Holes. Furthermore, you can also hook this monitor up on a monitor arm as well.

This NEWSYNC B2775QHD monitor also incorporates Flicker-Free Technology. Basically, it assists in controlling screen brightness and gets rid of periodic backlight flicker. As a result, you can enjoy your viewing, gaming or even working for prolonged periods of time.

To top it off NEWSYNC B2775QHD utilizes Low Blue Light feature as well. Mainly, it adjusts the color temperature to eliminate irritating blue light waves that might be emitted. Besides ensuring that your eyes stay healthy, it also allows you to have a second-to-none viewing feel.

NEWSYNC B2775QHD Review Conclusion

From the detailed NEWSYNC B2775QHD review, we have established that this is a wish come true. Why? You do not necessarily have to part with an unreasonable chunk of your hard earned money.

Owing to its features, we have seen that this budget monitor is fitting if you are looking for seamless entertainment and normal work applications purposes.

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