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This NEWSYNC X32C review is definitely going to change your overall view of budget gaming monitors. Why? You might ask. Simply because, you can now get a relatively cheap and elegant monitor, fully loaded with gaming features contrary to traditional belief.

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NEWSYNC X32C Specifications


Size: 32 Inch Curved 1800R
Refresh Rate:
165 Hz
Panel Type
: VA
Connections: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D
Response Time: 1 ms
VESA: Yes (75 x 75 mm)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync

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Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

For a similar product we recommend the ASUS Curved Monitor VG328H1B

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This monitor allows you to play a variety of games with heavier graphics compared to other monitors in its price category. As such, you do not have to worry about straining your budget with this particular monitor.

On top of the amazing gaming features, this NEWSYNC X32C monitor also integrates a number of technologies aimed at facilitating smooth gaming experience for you. Some of these include Game mode, Crosshair Target among others that we will look at. This specific monitor has been crafted with your needs as a gamer in mind; to ensure that you have spectacular gaming experience.

NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor is a 32-Inch LED curved screen, which employs myriad features aimed at giving you exceptional experience when you are watching your favorite movies or even playing a variety of games. Simply put, this gaming monitor is a wish come true for gaming enthusiasts.

Is NewSync Any Good?

This is a pretty question to ask. After all, Newsync is a relatively new brand and it does not carry the established authority of the well known brands lile ASUS, HP, Dell etc.

NewSync is a Korean brand. You have seen various Korean monitor brands already in the market such as Viotek and Sceptre. The point is that people are actively buying them and thoroughly enjoying them. Although they do not have comprehensive return policy for one or two dead pixels, these monitors offer a value that none of the established brand can.

With all the hype that comes with NEWSYNC X32C monitor, it is only natural to ask questions such as; does it have any reviews? What if after buying it, I find the need to return it? Well, it does have some reviews from satisfied customers, and has a comprehensive return policy for all their customers.

Why don’t we look under the hood and see what this device is packing?

NEWSYNC X32C Review In Detail

With the general overview of this NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor, you surely have an idea why this device should be the next thing you bring home. I bet to yearn to know more about this monitor now that you are sure it fits perfectly into your budget.

Let us jump right into more details about its magnificent features and determine if it lives up to its hype.

The Design

In the present day many folks tend to emphasize on the design unlike before when you had limited options for aesthetics.

NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor, therefore, has ensured it will capture your heart with its curved design and sleek slim bezels. Unquestionably, you want a monitor that blends in well with your desk and the surrounding. This gaming monitor’s design happens to go well with all kinds of setting, thus you can be certain it will create an eye-catching appearance in your intended environment.

As you already know, creating a gaming atmosphere gives you a more interactive and engaging touch. NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor features minimal bezels that allow for multi-monitor set-up to create a more interactive gaming environment. Every passionate gamer knows the importance of this, which is why this monitor is a good choice for you.

This NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor has a stand that matches its bezels, which improves its overall look. Besides that, the metallic silver stand is adaptable in that you can tilt the monitor to achieve the desired angle for comfortable gaming feel while maintaining stability.

Display And Features

The NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor makes use of advanced technology to ensure that you have the best display possible to enjoy your gaming.

Consequently, it is whopping 32-inch curved screen with (1920×1080) Full HD resolution. Additionally, this monitor utilizes Vertical Alignment (VA) panel. While IPS panels have a slower response time and TN panels offer poor color quality, VA panel offers the best of both worlds. Therefore, it is perfectly adapted for gaming.

NEWSYNC X32C monitor also offers a Refresh Rate of 165Hz via DisplayPort, 144Hz through DVI-D and HDMI at 120Hz. This enables it to support games with very high frame rates. If you have a gaming rig that is pumping out a lot of frame but you monitor is bottlenecking all this, then you seriously need an upgrade on your.

This monitor has a 1800R Optimal Curvature. The VA panel allows it to have Viewing Angles of 178(V) x 178 (H). Thus  monitor provides a remarkable gaming as well as entertainment experience.

Furthermore, this NEWSYNC X32C monitor offers a 3,000: 1 (5M: 1 DCR) Contrast Ratio as well as 300cd/m2 Brightness. Through this feature the monitor is equipped to produce high-quality images and pictures, to ensure that everything you view appears as real as possible.

This NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor ensures that you have smooth and seamless gameplay through its 1 ms overdrive Response Time. This is biggest benefit of the VA panel. Not only are you getting a viewing angles as good as the IPS panel, but also response time as good as a TN panel.

The other aspect that NEWSYNC X32C monitor has to ensure that you have an impeccable gaming experience is Crosshair Target. This feature enables you to accurately shoot your targets by ensuring you have a clear view and aim. As a gamer, you surely are going to love this monitor.

Ports And Other Features

Connectivity is important for any gaming monitor, and that is why NEWSYNC X32C comes with HDMI, DVI-D and DisplayPort. These ports let you connect all your devices such as gaming consoles, multimedia players and even compatible laptops. As such this monitor is particularly tailor-made for gamers who want to have an exceptional gaming experience at a tight budget.

In addition to the remarkable gaming aspects, the NEWSYNC X32C monitor makes use of AMD FreeSync as well as Flicker-Free technologies. AMD FreeSync simply assists in the improvement motion through reducing tearing and stuttering of the monitor screen. Flicker-Free regulates screen brightness to ensure that you can play your games for longer period without eye fatigue.

This NEWSYNC X32C gaming monitor also comes with Game mode and Low-Blue Light and Black Level adjustment feature. It allows you to adjust the black level as you wish; from high to low and vice versa for comfortable gaming. You can also turn the Low Blue Light mode on and off to suit your preference during game time.

NEWSYNC X32C Review Conclusion

As it is, this NEWSYNC X32C review covers everything you need to know about this particular gaming monitor. This will without a doubt help you make an informed decision when choosing a practical yet affordable gaming device.

Well, if you were having a hard time deciding which gaming monitor would not hurt your budget, then you can definitely put NEWSYNC X32C in your consideration list.

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