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VIOTEK GN35DR Specifications


Size: 35 Inch, Ultrawide, Curved
Refresh Rate:
144 Hz
Panel Type
: VA
Connections: DP, DVI, HDMI 2.0
Speakers: No
Response Time: 4 ms
VESA: Yes (75 x 75mm)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync

Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

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The VIOTEK GN35DR monitor is crafted for your gaming needs. It comes with myriad features, all of which are aimed at giving you real gaming or even viewing feel. We will have a look at those aspects, and then you can be the judge.

To give you a hint of what you expect with this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor, we would mention that it comes with a 35-Inch Ultra-wide curved screen. As a gamer, this will allow you to have a clear view of the display details, thus a pretty good experience.

Also, if you are that person with a strong fashion sense, you will find VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor quite appealing. As such, with this monitor, you can combine both looks and gaming aspects for your taste and preferences.

This VIOTEK GN35DR gaming does have a considerable number of customer reviews. These people have acquired it and had the chance to experience its realistic feel. It is quite evident that customer feedbacks are reliable.

However, for you to be in a better position to decide if this VIOTEK GN35DR device meets your requirements, why don’t we look at what this monitor has for you?

VIOTEK GN35DR Review In Detail

We have had a general view of this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor. Let us now dig a little deeper to unleash the features that make this particular monitor remarkable.

You also need to know that it is a bit expensive compared to the conventional monitors. So let us find out if it is really worth it or not.

The Design

In the present day, one of the things gamers largely consider is the monitor design. Well, this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor has a design to die for. Not only does it feature sleek, elegant slim bezels but also has a curved ultra-wide screen. This design will go well with any setting that you intend and will bring out an eye-catching appearance.

This VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor features what is referred to as a rugged stand. This red and black stand has back-weighted springs to hold the monitor in place firmly. In case of accidental bang or shake of the desk, the monitor will still be safe, thanks to this solid stand.

Although the stand is firm, it still provides capabilities such as tilt and height adjustments. As such, it offers the flexibility for you to find the most comfortable viewing angle possible.

Sometimes, you want to enjoy your game time or viewing with friends or family. This VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor is VESA-compatible as well. Therefore, you can easily attach it to the wall or any 75x75mm stand with VESA compatibility.

Display And Features

Unquestionably, display is one of the essential components of extraordinary gaming or even viewing experience. As such VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor makes use of some of the best technological advancements to offer you unimpeachable display.

To begin with, this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor comes in a curved ultra-wide 21:9 screen for an intense graphic feel. To add on to that it provides a Full HD Plus(2560×1080) resolution that has a lot more pixels than a normal FHD monitor. As you can tell it does provide you with notable picture and image quality that you need for exceptional gaming and viewing involvements.

The other feature you enjoy provided by this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor is the Vertical Alignment (VA) panel. It offers accurate color and the best viewing angles of up to H 178/ V 178 degrees. Consequently, you get to have a clear view of the screen details from multiple vantage points without compromising color and image quality.

VIOTEK GN35DR gaming offers a 144Hz refresh rate. How is this beneficial to a gamer? This means that the display can comfortably handle up to 144 frames per second, and as a result, has much smoother gameplay. That combined with its 4ms response time with Overdrive, you are assured of a seamless and blur-free gaming and entertainment experience.

This VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor has a natural curvature of 1800R. Actually, this imitates the natural curve of your eyes such that you are completely immersed and have a real-life viewing or gaming experience.

Furthermore, this display offers 95% coverage of sRGB color gamut. Although this is not a 100% coverage, it can still be used for editing purposes.

Ports And Other Features

When you think about connectivity and gaming, you think of convenience. Well, this VIOTEK GN35DR gaming monitor comes with ample and flexible connectivity options. It provides DVI, HDMI 2.0, Displayport 1.2 as well as a 3.5mm Audio Jack. Through this Audio port, you can connect external sound systems, headphones and Soundbars.

This VIOTEK GN35DR monitor also has PIP/PBP functions. This enables you to connect two devices at a time like your PC and laptop or even security camera device for split-screen viewing. This is a rare feature and probably that is why this monitor is a bit higher in price.

VIOTEK GN35DR monitor incorporates AMD FreeSync aspect as well. This feature when activated harmonizes motion-intense games such that you can have that exceptional viewing or gaming experience all gamers wish for.

This VIOTEK GN35DR monitor also ensures that gamers dominate their games by providing GamePlus crosshair integrated feature. This allows you to fine-tune visual settings such that you can get a clear view of your targets. Essentially, it helps in the overall game accuracy.

VIOTEK GN35DR Review Conclusion

This VIOTEK GN35DR monitor does not have a TN panel, which most gaming monitors have; however, it harbors a VA panel that offers the best of TN and IPS panel. It combines splendid detail and color reproduction with wide viewing angles, not to mention adequate response time.

Therefore, if you want a gaming feel with a touch of color, well then, this gaming monitor will serve the purpose. It can also be a good choice for your home entertainment. It will offer the best of both experiences.