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Home » Reviews » VIOTEK NB32CW Review – 32 Inch Curved Professional Monitor

VIOTEK NB32CW Review – 32 Inch Curved Professional Monitor

Viotek NB32CW

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable, High refresh rate, includes AMD FreeSync
  • No speakers, No VESA compatibility

Specifications: Viotek NB32CW

Size: 32 inch

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate: 75hz

Panel Type: VA

Connections: HDMI, VGA

Response Time: 5ms

Speakers: No


Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync


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Important Update

This product is currently out of stock.

For a similar product we recommend the LG 32QN600…

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In this VIOTEK NB32CW review we will cover a very interesting new monitor that is available at an unbelievably low price tag. It is quite new in the market, but it has already turned the heads of many.

Viotek as a brand is striving to set up precedence for other brands to follow. It is rather recent in the market, but it has taken it by quite a storm. You will find Viotek monitors offering high end specs at a fraction of the top brand’s price.


Let us dive a bit deeper into what makes this monitor extraordinary. I am also sure that most of the features that I review will seem too good to be true for the price range. And that is understandable as I am too quite surprised by them. Someone would say if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

However, as I mentioned earlier, you are covered by a great return policy by plus most of the customer are highly satisfied by the products. In fact, many of Viotek’s monitors score higher in reviews than even the monitor’s from the top brands.

Is Voitek a Good Brand?

Since this is not an established brand like Dell, HP or ASUS, the questions that naturally comes to mind: Is Viotek a good brand? Well, it is a Korean brand and whether it is trustworthy or not remains to be seen in the future as it is still quite recent. However, the customer reviews are generally very favorable. Plus the features it offers are very lucrative to not give this brand a try.

If you plan to buy this monitor from then you need not worry since Amazon has one of the best – if not the best – return policy. I am sure that within a few years after this brand has completely propagated in the market, questions such as these will cease to exist. 


This is the main meat of the product. VIOTEK NB32CW is a beast when it comes to offering the right features in its display. Let us start with the design first.

VIOTEK NB32CW is a curved monitor rated at 1800R curvature which is standard for most of the curved screens in the monitor. A curved monitor at this price range is the already an achievement. In addition to that, the design is almost bezel free giving you a an elegant edge to edge display.

Thin bezel monitors are great for multiple monitor display setups and thanks to the 75 x 75 VESA compatibility, you can hook this monitor on to a dedicated dual or even triple monitor stand. The slim bezel will give the feeling of continuity.


Now let us look what is on the inside. For starters this monitor is not an Ultra Widescreen monitor. It is a normal 16:9 screen that has a resolution of 1920×1080. Therefore, in the resolution department, this monitor lacks the real estate enjoyed by the more expensive screens.

However, this monitor excels in other aspects. It offers a Samsung manufactured VA panel with 75 Hz refresh rate. The VA panels have a much higher static contrast ratio compared to the IPS and TN panel monitors. Meaning, they have deeper blacks and brighter whites giving you better color accuracy on the screen.

The 75 Hz refresh rate is a step up from the conventional 60 Hz as it not only slightly increases the frame rate on your games, but 75 Hz is also better for your eyes. This makes it a great monitor for reading and writing. Speaking of gaming, VIOTEK NB32CW comes with AMD Freesync that helps in improving the frame rate when you are gaming.

The monitor is suitable for gaming as well as professional work thanks to its Panel type.

The lack of higher than FHD resolution is a drawback for a screen this big. I know it would be much to ask from this monitor for its price tag, but for many FHD on 32 inch is too low.

Alternately, you could look at at this way. With a monitor this size, you would not have to spend on a TV. This makes the deal quite lucrative for console gamers.

Ports / Other Features

VIOTEK NB32CW offers HDMI 1.4 and VGA for inputs. A headphone jack as an output is available if you are using the HDMI.

This is actually quite sufficient for a monitor that has this refresh rate and resolution. You would need Display Port or HDMI 2.0 only if you start looking at higher refresh rate (>120 Hz) screens and higher resolutions like 4K.

Still, dual HDMI ports would have been excellent. One port of the PC and the other for your console.

Lastly, VIOTEK NB32CW is one of the few 32 inch monitor with built in speakers. These are essential for office environment where tidiness matters. Note that the speakers comes muted by factory. You will need to access the settings to un-mute the speakers.

Value for Money

I have already established that the value for money on this monitor is rather great. You are basically getting a curved monitor that is the size of a TV. At the same time, it has features suitable for both professional and gamers alike. The top brands cannot possibly come close to it.

For example, the nearest top brand competitor for this monitor is the LG 32MA70HY-P. Although this monitor offers better connectivity with Display Port as an option, it lacks a curved screen, 75 Hz refresh rate, and AMD Freesync.

Another one is AOC i3207VW3, which is slightly cheaper but again lacks a curved screen, higher refresh rate and the Freesync.

As it stands, there are no monitors in this price range that can match up to the deal VIOTEK NB32CW offers.

VIOTEK NB32CW Review Conclusion

If you decide to buy VIOTEK NB32CW you will need to be very clear in what exactly that you need. Since there are many other 32 inch FHD monitors, you will need to be certain of what you want. Are you looking for the one that specifically offers a curved screen, high refresh rate and gaming capabilities? If yes, then this should be high on your list.

It must be absolutely made certain that most conventional 32 inch FHD monitors feature sub quality IPS panels. They do not cover the sRGB color gamut. On the other hand, the VA panel offered in VIOTEK NB32CW is already superior in terms of color reproduction. This makes it suitable for professional work.