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About Us

MWBIS was built in 2019 out of frustration with the technology industry. Our founder James was trying to solve a problem of his own, creating a sound system for his gaming setup without taking up any space, tired of reading through countless product features all saying the same thing he came up with MWBIS, originally just to focus on the speaker space problem but now to review all computer monitors and the wider tech industry.

We at MWBIS pride ourselves on focusing on what the consumer actually wants, side by side comparisons that are easy to understand and highlight the benefits of each product not just the features. Our goal is that everyone from a starting hobbyist to fully fledged gamer should find some value from our site.

Our mission has evolved over time and is now to catalogue the value, pros and cons of every tech product being sold. While it is a big mission and we are a long way off we are confident as we grow we will get there.

Get to know the team

James Bradley – Founder

James founded MWBIS in 2019 to focus on providing value to tech consumers without the useless jargon, since then he has grown the site and the company. James is responsible for everything from high level strategic planning down to writing reviews of the latest products and answering your questions.

Susan Colt – Content Writer

Susan joined the team in 2020 to help expand the site and improve the readability of the content. Currently Susan, a computer expert in her own right is responsible for formulating new content ideas, bringing these ideas to life and making sure MWBIS has the most accurate and up to date information on the market.