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AOC C32V1Q Review – 31.5 Inch Monitor


Pros & Cons

  • Large curved screen, high refresh rate, fast response time
  • No in-built speakers, No adaptive sync

Specifications: AOC C32V1Q

Size: 32 inch curved panel

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate: 75hz

Panel Type: VA

Connections: HDMI, VGA, Display port

Response Time: 4ms

Speakers: No


Adaptive Sync: No


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Some time back, you could just walk into an electronics store and pick any monitor that seemed appealing to your eyes. That is not the the case now as there is a huge variety of monitors out there.

How does AOC C32V1Q fare in comparison and does it give a great value? There are so many questions. As such, this AOC C32V1Q review is going to give you all the details you need to know about this monitor model.

AOC C32V1Q Detailed Review

What is the first thing you need to know about any product? I will tell you. You need to know if there are people who have purchased the product, and what they have to say about it. AOC C32V1Q has several reviews from satisfied customers. In case you have no idea genuine customer reviews are very reliable. Now that you have a slight idea of AOC C32V1Q curved monitor, we can continue onto a thorough review and see if this monitor lives up to its credit.

The Design

When you think about monitor design, you look out for that which is good-looking to your eyes as well as one that goes well with your intended environment. Undoubtedly, this AOC C32V1Q curved monitor will not disappoint you as it features a sleek dark design to blend in with any kind of ambiance. It also combines the dark design with a silver elongated stand to bring out an epic look on your desk. The AOC C32V1Q monitor stand is stretched out to provide more stability, and also allows you to tilt the monitor to any angle you need for comfortable working experience. Besides, AOC C32V1Q monitor does not only offer a curved screen display but also features 3-sided frameless bezels for a spectacular appearance. Its ultra-narrow bezels and borders design enables you to easily achieve a multi-monitor set-up and enhance your gaming, working or viewing experience.

AOC C32V1Q Curved Monitor Display And Features

Display is yet another very important aspect when choosing the right monitor for your job. The only way to make an informed decision about the display is first learn about all the necessary options such as the panel type, response time, refresh rates and color accuracy features. When it comes to this monitor, AOC C32V1Q only features a curved 31.5-inch widescreen but also offers 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. You will definitely be intrigued by the fact that its screen has 1800R radius curvature which puts you right in the middle of the action by wrapping its crisp images and colors around you to facilitate a natural field of view. In its price category, there is no doubt that it is a worthy piece. AOC C32V1Q comes with a VA panel technology and offers up to 75Hz refresh rate through DisplayPort connection and 60Hz through VGA and HDMI. VA panels produce brilliant and bright colors, offer outstanding contrast and image depth as well as wide viewing angles. As such, images are constant regardless of the angle from which you, your co-workers, friends view them. This AOC C32V1Q monitor is also VESA compatible which makes things easier for you when you need to mount it on your wall. Additionally, this monitor model has Ntsc 87% (Cie 1976)/ sRGB 102% (Cie 1931) color gamut coverage. This is excellent for photographers as well as editors. By now you must have a good grasp of performance/dollar value of this screen.

Is Curved Display Worth it?

Ports and Connectivity

This AOC C32V1Q curved 31.5 inch monitor comes with HDMI, VGA as well as the DisplayPort connectivity. HDMI input port facilitates easy connection and compatibility with a wide range of multimedia devices inclusive of media players and gaming consoles. With the D-Sub VGA port feature ensuring compatibility, you can comfortably use it with your analog output. This is great for people with older PCs. Moreover, its DisplayPort input supports up to 75Hz at Full HD (High Definition) resolution. As it is, we can very well say that this monitor is multimedia-ready. The only thing stopping this monitor from being the ultimate multimedia display is availability of speakers.

Other Features

AOC C32V1Q is even more remarkable since it employs AOC FlickerFree technology. You probably have noticed that it is quite difficult to stay glued to the screen with the conventional monitors. The reason for this is that the LED-backlit monitors use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to regulate brightness, which ultimately results in flicker, thus causing eye fatigue. AOC FlickerFree technology utilizes Direct Current (DC) backlight coordination, which reduces eye fatigue and caters to your eyes health while providing comfortable viewing or gaming experience. Also, AOC C32V1Q curved monitor incorporates AOC Low Blue Mode technology which regulates colour temperature, thus reduces any irritating waves of the blue light. All these technologies are aimed at giving you a wonderful viewing, gaming or working experience without compromising the quality of images or color. To top this all, this display also features VESA mounting capability. The possibilities of this are just vast. You can mount the monitor on a wall. You can also mount the monitor on dedicated stands for dual or triple display setups.

AOC C32V1Q Review Conclusion

Now that we have seen all the features and technologies present in AOC C32V1Q monitor, you can be certain about its functionality when picking it for work, gaming or entertainment. It will not only serve you right but also will be easy on your budget. With the sRGB coverage and the static contrast ratio of the VA panels, this display is exceptional professional and for CAD work. They way once you switch to a larger screen, there is no going back. Well, now you can try that at a budget range.