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Viewsonic VP2468 Review

Very few monitors in the market have the capacity to blow you away in terms of the value they offer. Viewsonic VP2468 is one such monitor. This is a budget 24 inch professional monitor that checks all the boxes for a designer. Let us uncover this beauty in this Viewsonic VP2468 review.

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Viewsonic VP2468 Specifications

Viewsonic VP2468 Specs

Size: 24 Inch
Refresh Rate:
Panel Type
Color Depth: 14 Bit 3D LUT, 4.39 Trillion Colors, Delta E < 2
Color Space: sRGB, SMPTE-C, Rec.709, DICOM-SIM, EBU
Connections: 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0 Hub
Response Time: 7 ms
Ergonomic Stand
VESA: Yes (100 x 100mm)
Adaptive Sync: NO

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Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

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Usually when you think of professional grade monitors, the first thing that goes in your mind is the heavy price tag that they bear. If you are a true artist and a designer, then the benefit of features like 3D 14-Bit LUT, factory calibration with E < 2, color uniformity etc cannot be understated. Unfortunately, these all tend to cost a lost. This monitor offers all that at a highly reasonable price.

Despite having all the color enhancing features, this monitor costs as much as any quality 24 inch monitor would.

This monitor has not just won praise by its customers, but also by professional critiques. This monitor has won the Editor’s Choice award by

Viewsonic VP2468 Review in Detail

For a beginner designer, this monitor offers a lot of great features. Let us have a look at them here.


Undoubtedly photographers, video editors and graphic designers have a keen eye for elegance. Therefore, besides other aspects, they a monitor that is appealing to the eyes is definitely preferable.. Well, the Viewsonic VP2468 professional monitor is designed to meet that requirement. As such, it features a four-sided ultra-slim bezel black color design.

This particular design enables it to go well with various settings including; your office, living room and even bedroom.

The other Viewsonic VP2468 feature that is essential particularly to a graphic designer is ergonomic stand. In this line of work, you are bound to spend long hours in front of your screen. That would be hard if comfort is not factored in, which is why this monitor has been engineered with a fully adjustable stand.

Essentially, it offers you full height, pivot, swivel as well as tilt adjustments. This ensures that you can get your desired position, which translates to more productivity.

Viewsonic VP2468 professional monitor’s frameless design also lets you create a multi-monitor set up. This kind of configuration is essential when you want to have a superior viewing or even gaming experience.

Display And Features

As a professional photographer, all your work is done on a monitor’s screen. Also, you cannot afford to compromise the quality of your work because that would tarnish your name. Therefore, you need a monitor with an impeccable display to enable you to produce the best results. Viewsonic VP2468 professional monitor is tailor-made for creative professionals.

This Viewsonic VP2468 monitor offers a Full HD 1920×1080 screen resolution and is 24-Inch in size. Basically, Full HD is the most preferred screen resolution for a monitor of this size. Although neither this size nor the resolution is the industry standard for professionals, this would most certainly suffice for beginners.

High Quality IPS

In-Plane Switching panel is another feature this Viewsonic VP2468 content creation monitor utilizes. This panel is quite essential in content creation as a whole. Why? This particular panel is made to offer ultimate color accuracy, which is the heart of photography, graphic design and other color sensitive tasks.

The other benefit of the IPS panel is that it offers you with wide viewing angles. This allows you to have a crystal clear view of the content’s on your display from any given vantage point while keeping solid color conformity.

The other two common panels i.e TN and VA are not on par with IPS when it comes to color reproduction. The point to note here is that even IPS panels have different qualities. The IPS panel on conventional monitor is different from the IPS panel that this display offers.

14-Bit 3D LUT

This Viewsonic VP2468 content creation monitor also features a 14-bit 3D look-up table (LUT) that produces a splendid palette of 4.39 trillion colors instead of a mere 16 millions colors produced by the conventional monitors. The more colors you have on the screen, the better the end product you can create.

This particular Viewsonic VP2468 monitor also provides flexible color adjustability. It comes with a 6-Axis Color Enhancement feature. This is useful in that it allows you to independently fine-tune six primary colors, which are; green, yellow, magenta, blue, cyan and red. This feature combined with its hue and saturation tuning gives it a fully customizable color profile. This ensures that you achieve your desired results in your creative work.

Color Space

Additionally, this Viewsonic VP2468 creation monitor is factory calibrated for ultimate color accuracy through its Delta E<2 feature. This supports sRGB, SMPTE-C, Rec.709, DICOM-SIM as well as EBU color spaces to ensure you get the accuracy you need as a photographer or video editor.

The only relative drawback here is that this monitor does not offer 100% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space. This color space is important for designers who print their work. Unfortunately, monitors covering Adobe RGB color space generally cost a lot more.

Available Ports

In content creation, a monitor with versatile connectivity is very important, because you will be using a wide range of other devices altogether. This is why this Viewsonic VP2468 content creation monitor offers flexible connectivity. It has a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort x2 HDMI, and x5 USB (4 up/1 down) ports. Therefore, it makes it possible to use various devices for your convenience.

The other interesting aspect about the connectivity of this Viewsonic VP2468 monitor is that the DisplayPort is Daisy-Chain enabled. This is simply a multi-stream technology that lets you connect multiple monitors using a single cable only. How is this beneficial to you? This ensures that your workspace is tidy by reducing cable clutter.

Other Features

To add to this Viewsonic VP2468 content creation monitor features, it comes with an integrated color uniformity function. This particular function works with the various color spaces including EBU, sRGB, Rec.709 and SMPTEC-C to ensure you get reliable chromaticity as well as luminance. This is essential to you as a photographer or graphic designer if you are going to produce vibrant and high-quality work.

The other thing you will be fascinated about this particular Viewsonic VP2468 creative monitor is the fact that it comes as Hardware Calibration Ready. This simply means that you can use calibration kits such as the ViewSonic Colorbration Kit. The kit enables you to easily calibrate this monitor such that you can have the color accuracy you require for your creative and color sensitive work.

Viewsonic VP2468 Review Conclusion

All in all, this is a pure designing and editing monitor. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the few quality monitors in the market that manages to fit all the color enhancing specs at a budget price tag.

If you are a beginner or an amateur designer, then there is no point investing in a monitor that costs thousands of dollars. There is also no point in getting a conventional budget monitor because it will not be anywhere close to offering the quality of this display. In that case, this is a perfect screen.

On the other hand, this monitor may not be for everyone. If you are a gamer, then you would naturally prefer features like a high refresh rate, fast response time and adaptive sync technology. This monitor isn’t suitable in that condition.

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