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If you have been looking for a suitable office monitor that also has some gaming capabilities then we will reveal that here in this VIOTEK NB27CB review. Why is this great for both? This monitor besides, being a work monitor has also employed some state-of-the-art gaming aspects. As they say all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

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VIOTEK NB27CB Specifications


Size: 27 Inch, Curved
Refresh Rate:
Panel Type
: VA
Connections: VGA, HDMI
Speakers: No
Response Time: 5 ms
VESA: Yes (75 x 75mm)
Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync

Important Update

This product is currently unavailable.

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This VIOTEK NB27CB does not only offer you a wide range of features but also is quite appealing to the eye. Today you find that many folks go for monitors that blend in well with their office space or even home work-station.

The other thing you will be happy to know is that this VIOTEK NB27CB device is rather affordable and especially when we look at what it brings to the table. It is quite a good deal compared to the conventional monitor within its price range.

We could say that this VIOTEK NB27CB has managed to combine elegance, work and play features unlike traditionally where you couldn’t get all features in a single monitor. VIOTEK brand has gained popularity in producing high-value monitors for its customers.

To ascertain this, VIOTEK NB27CB monitor has had quite remarkable reviews from numerous people who have used it and had firsthand experience. We could say coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

To confirm the information from other people about this VIOTEK NB27CB monitor, we will need to look deeper into the heart of this particular device. Then you can see for yourself and make an informed decision.

Why don’t we uncover all the details regarding this monitor?

VIOTEK NB27CB Review In Detail

Now that we have an idea of what to expect of this VIOTEK NB27CB monitor, let us, first of all, get the issue of how safe it is for you out of the way.

To keep your mind at ease, you will definitely be impressed at how looks out for you as a customer. It has in place at strict all-inclusive return policy; should you find the need to return the monitor, then you can do so.

The Design

For the longest time, there had been a notion that you had to incur a high cost for a chic monitor. This VIOTEK NB27CB monitor brings you an elegant sleek Bezel-less design at an affordable price. As such if you are that person with an eye for elegance, this monitor will do the trick. It will have an appealing look in your work-place or even home office.

This VIOTEK NB27CB monitor also has a stretched-out stand for more stability, which is also adjustable. As such, you can tilt it to find a comfortable work, viewing or even gaming position. As it is, productivity does depend on comfort to some extent.

Additionally, this VIOTEK NB27CB monitor provides you with VESA mount option for additional comfort. You can mount it on your bedroom or living room wall easily and enjoy your favorite movie.

Due to the VIOTEK NB27CB Bezel-less design, you could also enhance your gaming experience by creating a multi-monitor set-up. This configuration coupled with its curved screen design will add a modern feel to your space.

Display And Features

For you to get the best results in your work or even have that exceptional viewing experience, you need an impeccable display. VIOTEK NB27CB curved screen monitor utilizes a Samsung VA panel that gives you wide viewing angles while offering you precise color and crystal-clear images.

Consequently, you or your colleagues can have a clear view of the display details from various view positions. VIOTEK NB27CB is suitable for video conferences and even presentations.

This VIOTEK NB27CB 27-Inch LED Curved Monitor has a lively 16:9 widescreen, and also offers up to 1080P Full HD resolution (1920×1080). There is nothing extraordinary about the resolution. In fact, some of you may want to have at least WQHD resolution on their display. Unfortunately, WQHD on 27 inch monitors isn’t quite affordable yet.

The VIOTEK NB27CB monitor also has a 75Hz refresh rate. This ensures that it delivers a smoother experience compared to other monitors within its price category that offer 60Hz. It also provides a 5ms response time. Although this isn’t perfect, it is quite sufficient for games.

VIOTEK NB27CB monitor curvature has a radius of 1800R to offer you true engagement in either gaming or viewing. Essentially, it conforms to the natural curvature of your eye for enhanced comfort. Besides that, it is important to know the curvature of the monitor so that if in the future you decide to get another monitor, it should have the same curvature as well.

This VIOTEK NB27CB monitor also incorporates FreeSync feature that when turned on gives you smooth visuals with reduced motion distortion.

Ports And Other Features

This VIOTEK NB27CB office-ready monitor is not loaded with connectivity ports; however, it does offer you with essential ports. It has 1 VGA and 1 HDMI 1.4 ports. Through these ports, you can easily connect other devices such as multimedia players, as well as XBOX One S/X whenever you need to indulge in gaming.

The VIOTEK NB27CB monitor also has an integrated Crosshair function. This GamePlus feature comes in handy when you are playing FPS or RTS games. Fundamentally, it helps you improve your score by providing a clear and accurate shot at your targets.

This particular LED VIOTEK NB27CB monitor also comes with Low Blue Light feature. In essence, it lets you filter any blue light that could be harmful to your eyes by turning it on. This ensures that you have more comfortable viewing, working or gaming experience.

The other striking aspect about this VIOTEK NB27CB monitor is that it has 96% sRGB color gamut coverage. What does this mean? It simply means that pictures and images have more color depth and detail. Professional monitors have an sRGB coverage of 100% so 96% is quite close to that number. In this case, you can also use this display for casual editing and designing work.

VIOTEK NB27CB Review Conclusion

This VIOTEK NB27CB monitor comes with features that are suited for your office work and entertainment needs.

Its 75Hz refresh rate might not be suited for games with extremely intense graphics, but it gives you a smoother experience with normal games than conventional monitors with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

However, if you are looking for a monitor for pure gaming, then it would be advisable to consider a monitor with a TN panel and a refresh rate higher than 144Hz. Good luck finding a TN panel with a curved display though.